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Codespring CEO’s Thoughts for 2015

Szleyes Levente_Codespring CEOOn the occasion of launching the new Codespring Catalogue for 2015, Mr. Levente Szélyes  – CEO and founder of Codespring, welcomes our partners and friends with a few thoughts for the current year. With a constant effort to bring in fresh information and consolidate the team’s knowledge capital, he strives to further convey his passion for innovation in information and communications technologies.

 The short message of Mr. Levente Szélyes, may be found at the beginning of our company’s catalogue. It is our pleasure to share it here below too:

Dear Partners and Friends,

2015 continues the trend of technological transformations that the previous years have been bearing along. Pervasive digitization impacts our daily socioeconomic circumstances.  Connectivity is constantly reshaping the way we innovate, we collaborate and we socialize. In such changing waters, Codespring sets forth the essentials for encompassing technological advancements and software development expertise.

17 years of programming elite software systems has taught us that setting the correct course of any project is vital. For that purpose we practice fine-tuning of all available resources, from both provider and customer side. It is a journey of transformation, where the delivery of high efficiency for full software development life cycle builds the core of any strategic partnership.

Cluj-Napoca as a European Youth Capital in 2015 and landlord of the Cluj Innovation City, endorses our community’s efforts to unveil the potential of this scenic city from Transylvania, Romania. Featuring distinctive traits, Codespring invites you to discover the benefits of a flexible and tuned collaboration.

Holding in high regard those who trusted us for years, we are ready to put our expertise at your service in order to build proficient software solutions.


Hoping that you will find inspiration in his words and professional conduct, you may find out more about Codespring CEO by consulting his profile and reading a series of interviews where he shares his opinions and ideas.