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Codespring Company Papers: 11th edition

Codespring Company Papers_cover jan 2014 Codespring invites you to grasp ideas, fresh insights and concepts from our latest edition of Codespring Company Papers. Since the beginning of this publication we have been trying to cover interesting topics from the software world, to bring accurate information about our little yet active ITC hub and to showcase diverse solutions that we have put in place with our partners and customers. This time we focus on highlighting Cluj and Romania as an innovation seedbed. 

Innovation: Make It Happen.

With a strong wind at the aft, Codespring is sailing towards unexplored seas on the new  technology stream. The principle of fine-tuning reminds us that everything is about sensitively combining the available resources, adjusting the processes and matching  technologies.

In this edition we have chosen to highlight Romania as a rising science, technology and innovation hub, having its less known tradition in the field. The Industry Insights Chapter brings on scene Codespring’s involvement in research and development projects.

What’s more, a special interview with Ms. Valerica Dragomir – Executive Manager at ANIS (The Employers’ Association of Software and Services Industry from Romania ) will give you the chance to understand some of the challenges that the organization is facing and what are the plans for 2014. In the end we questioned ourselves on the topic of Big Data: are we ready for it or not?

Enjoy reading our Codespring Company Papers latest edition and make things happen in 2014!

Codespring Team.