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Codespring Day 2018: Celebrating 20 Years

20 years of software development and outsourcing from Eastern Europe to the global market is not such an easy task as it may seem. At Codespring, we are on this journey together… And it is up to us to keep it fun! Even if the temptation to simply set an AI powered party was there, the return to Nature and wilderness in the beautiful mountains of Transylvania appealed to Codespringers even more! The beauty of this team is that we still keep an authetic outdoorsy spirit and enjoy our growing community.

20 Years of Codespring – Outdoor Trip

Not quite interstellar, but rather intermountain, the road trip was full of laughter and good vibes. As we use to say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The party bus is always a lucky shot! Friends and families were happy to meet once again on this special Codespring Day, between Hargita and Bodoc Mountains in the Eastern Carpathians.

The basecamp was set in Băile Tușnad (Tușnad Baths) the former “Little Switzerland” of Romania from Ciuc valley, settled around Ciucaș Lake and following a part of Olt river gorges.

A waggon ride in the countryside.

One of the most loved and fun activities for toddlers and kinds was definitely the wagon ride across the village. Followed by a tasty outdoor picnic, the ride offered the chance to discover the local spirit and habits in a picturesque way.

After the ride we also had the chance to play outdoor games. We had the chance to tray out archery techniques and  to understand its correct moves. It was clearly that the same thing done on the back of a horse is something close to an art!

Bear watching in the wild.

Getting in touch with wilderness is part of Codespring culture. Due to the high bear population of this area, we decided to go on a bear watching tour. Little did we think that we will actually get to see a few bears and yet it happened! It was impressive to understand that these bears are actually most of the remaining bear population in Europe and to grasp their annual journey in the wild.

Hike to the Hawks Rock

The Hawks Rock is a protected area in Hargita Mountains, above Ciucas Lake. The rock offers an impressive view over the gorges of Olt river, Tușnad Baths Resort and over three mountain peaks: Vártető, Surduc and Ciomatu. What is particular to this natural reserve is the reversed stratification of the flora dute to the thermal inversion of the area: the conifer floor is below the deciduous floor.

20 Years of Codespring – Trivia Night

In order to revive a little bit of our company’s history we were invited to participate in a fun Trivia Game. That is how our awesome OC team reminded us of past and almost forgotten funny moments and events. Our new and younger colleagues learned more about Codespring software development team member’ and won points for their inspired choices at the quiz. Naturally, beer and wine accompanied each quiz round and substantially contributed to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

20 Years of Codespring – and More…

The celebration of our fantastic 20 years of software development and outsourcing on the global market continues until the end of 2018.  For that, we must once again say a big THANK YOU to all our customers and strategic partners. The mere existence of a company is due to the existence of customers, therefore we want to build awareness on the importance of your trust and openness to choose a little company from Cluj-Napoca, Romania to be your chosen software development team!

We hope to continue our existing partnerships and innovative projects. Overmore, for the next 20 years, we are looking forward to establish new cooperation on complex technology innovations and integrations.


About Codespring Team

Codespring is a tech brand for software development and outsourcing from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, active on the global market. We develop custom solutions and add-ons covering the entire life cycle of a complex software development project.

SERVICES: software development, software outsourcing, software testing, IT Outsourcing, IT Security, customer assistance and mobile development.

The team offers added value through business process know-how and technical expertise in a number of industries. Codespring’s strengths are its 20 years ITC experience, dedicated teams, European business culture, and the ability to fine-tune any cooperation.