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Codespring Days 2016: Un-Plugged

Codespring, the small and friendly team of software engineers and tech savvy people from Transylvania, Romania, has this nice habit of celebrating team spirit by the annual “families and friends” event. No worries! – we are not a weird cult (!) it is just our way of staying in touch with the people that are always unconditionally cheer-leading for us! This year, we went un-plugged in the beautiful Arieșeni area.

Codespring Family & Friends

We are proud now to talk about an awesome Codespring crowd ! Grown-ups, not-so-grown-ups, teenagers, toddlers and babies – we were all there celebrating 18 awesome years of Codespring Team. One of the few moments when the two offices – from Odorhei and Cluj-Napoca –  spend time to catch-up and cultivate friendship.

As the families and friends do sports and chill together, the inevitable storytelling reveals fun and epic moments of the team members’ lives. Around the campfire, having our traditional țuica, pálinka and wines, playing guitar, singing and laughing, we are wrapped in coziness and well-being.

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

 Apuseni Mountains (or the Western Carpathians) are so generous! Amazing scenery, warm people and perfect climate. September is one of the best times of the year to explore the beauty of this area. Codespring people have a common passion: going outdoors.

The outdoor menu was delicious! On our first day, some went on a hike and some went on a mountain bike ride. We all visited the gorgeous Scărișoara cave and then had a tasty barbecue! The next day, we all trekked in the National Park up to the Groapa Ruginoasa (The Ruginoasa Ravine) in the Valea Seacă (Dry Valley) where a martian landscape unfolded in front of us. Sprayed by the autumn rain, some of us headed to the Pietrele Negre (Black Rocks) via-ferrata (Klettersteig) climbing route. Pure fun ! – and the climbers of that day know why I’m noting this here. : )

Let’s Win the Race Together!

In the end of the day, at Codespring it is not just about winning the race, it is about winning it together. In appreciation to all those who dedicate time and effort to make this team a dream team, accept the applause and take a bow!

May we meet again in 2017 with a cheerful spirit and new stories to tell!

Thank you all for being in the team.