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Codespring Family Day 2019

Saturday, October 19, Codespring software development team from Cluj-Napoca celebrated a fantastic Codespring Family Day 2019. Even if it is already a long time tradition to gather once a year with all the families and kids, this time it was really special, because we did it at the Bánffy Castle in Bonțida. Picturesque scenery, legendary castle, fun outdoor activities for families and delicious dinner party with live concert!

What happens at the castle stays in the castle… nevertheless, some great stories were written that day by Codespringers and friends! Let’s note down a few for the history of the company.

Bánffy Castle from Bonțida  was formerly known as Transylvania’s Versailles. The charming hosts from Transylvania Trust Association made us a proper castle tour.  With a core renaissance style, the edifice was further developed in baroque, then neoclassic and then romantic styles and today, its outdoor park and lake garden is a perfect venue for various events.

A visit at the castle cannot exist without a horse riding mastery show, boosted by a fascinating archery demonstration! Inspired by this thrilling action, we also had our share of horseback riding for everyone.

And as the legend says, you are not a knight unless you can protect the walls of your castle and siege the enemy’s fortress! That is why, a huge 7.5 m climbing tower to test the forces of the team. Here again, it proved more useful to be small and agile! In addition to the climbing skills, the beer box tower building abilities were put to test. Lost of fun, lots of falls and almost tall structures resulted during this exercise! Thank you Adrenalin Park for this challenge.

Each reign used to have multiple chevaleries. Following the historical model, Codespring split in smaller teams and went on an interesting team building circuit. Brain muscles and real muscles – everything was needed to prevail!

Culture and Art were always important at the castle. That is why, toddlers and kids present at Codespring Family Day 2019 could attend a playful puppet show, learn to use the arch, the stilts and the slack-line with Hajós János. Craftsmanship in using diverse materials for making decorative objects was also part of the day. And of course, we got the chance to learn a lot about nature and the environment with NECC powered games.

Codespring Family Day 2019 concluded with a fantastic dinner party at the castle, followed by an energizing live concert with FUNKorporation.

In this way, Codespring families reunited once more and celebrated more than 21 years of friendship and professional development in this ever-dynamic field of information technology and software development.