Codespring Company Papers 7th edition is out! Latest market reports, industry insights, thinking point and product focus are brought to you by this spring edition. The  way of getting through the 2012 global perspectives: exceeding expections. Learn more about the contents of our latest issue in the lines below.

Exceed Expectations

While there is a set of considerable change in the European and Romanian socio-economic and political landscape, Codespring is striving to highlight the aspects that impact the ITC sector.

The 7th edition of Codespring Company Papers focuses on bringing to your attention the events that have recently triggered our market, our business and our minds. Following the previous market reporting and analysis, today we have tried to describe how the offshore and nearshore candidates have been passed through the market’s sieve. The findings reveal a more powerful tractor force towards the CEE region, namely Romania.

Among the new industry segments on the horizon, we have chosen to have a glance at the LBS (Location Based Services) perspectives. Recently launched on the Romanian market, we have screened for you Qulto, a best of breed integrated collections system. Finally we have shared our reflections on HTML5, the fifth revision of the World Wide Web core language, HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

As a leading thought that guided the providers of all the innovations and developments studied under the present paper, we are now sharing with you the strategy that we are determined to follow in 2012: exceed expectations.

Codespring Team.