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Codespring Review on CeBIT 2015


Between the 16th and 20th of March 2015, Codespring attended the elite IT industry event in Europe: CeBIT 2015, in Hanover, Germany. Along with fellow companies from the RomaniaIT stand, Codespring representatives showcased their unique skill set and expertize in software development. The focus for 2015 and the next years is to partner for the development of complex industrial software applications and projects that require embedded and mobile programming expertise (e.g. IoT – Internet of Things), especially applications that run on dedicated hardware.

Creative impulse at CeBIT 2015

With these ideas in our mind, we had the pleasure to find a refreshed atmosphere at CeBIT 2015: more than 350 start-ups have joined the exhibition this year. A lot of ideas, a lot of opportunities and interesting applications were subject of our daily discussions at the stand. The mix of start-up owners and diverse decision makers from large technology companies revitalized this traditional event. The more than 200 speakers that have caught the show, we would like to mention iconic IT personalities as Jeremy Rifkin and Edward Snowden.

Trends show-cased at CeBIT 2015

This year’s lead theme, d!conomy, has put the spotlight squarely on the sweeping digitization of all areas of business and society that we are witnessing at present, and the profound changes this is causing” states the official CeBIT website. The relevant topics within the IT economy in Hannover 2015 were: Big Data and Cloud, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, Security and Social Business. All these six topics are currently in the top of mind of IT sector investors and shapers. Codespring, as an active team in the field, estimates that the Future Internet will frame out a complex relationship among these specific areas, as digitization and automation are growing.

IMG_3954Innovation – Leading the Show in Hannover 2015

Innovation at CeBIT was present both from professional business exhibitors and academic research teams. Namely, this field is highlighted through its dedicated event: The CeBIT Innovation Award – a prize sponsored jointly by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Deutsche Messe.  This award is presented for superior design and good usability. The goal is to make digital solutions – including software, hardware and applications – more functional and user-friendly. The key selection criteria consisted of the degree of innovativeness, design quality, feasibility for everyday practice and presentability within the context of a tradeshow.

The winners proposed as follows: an app for photo-optic wood measuring via smartphone,  an app that encrypts its users’ messages automatically (for iPhone and iPad) and a biometric signature which can decode signatures based on the signing time, pressure data at all the various points and writing speed.

Codespring’s Presence at CeBIT 2015

Focused on discussing the possibilities of partnering for the development of complex industrial software applications and projects that require embedded and mobile programming expertise (e.g. IoT – Internet of Things), Codespring team had a simple and authentic presence. The questions about Cluj Napoca and the IT community to whom we belong were frequent and widely answered. We find it interesting how experts in the field had diverse opinion on our location, the IT skills set and linguistic capabilities.

We thank our visitors and special guests for their openness and input. CeBIT is always a good place to make new connections and start cooperations.

IMG_3987RomaniaIT 2015: Diversity and Agility.

In 2015, ARIES – The Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software, led by Alexandru Borcea as President of the Association, took over the coordination of Romanian National Pavilion at CeBIT 2015. As an act of respect and worthiness for the Romanian technical talent and creativity, the association has done all due diligence in order to successfully integrate Romania’s stand in the international exhibition. An impressive pool of 30 software development and IT services companies has represented the country this year. 46% of the companies originated from Transylvania, a region that clearly evolves as the creative hub for R&D and innovation on the Romanian IT market.

Should you be interested in finding more about Codespring and cooperation on software development and related research & development projects, feel free to write us at