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Codespring Superman-ish Moments at MTB Faget Marathon 2015

Codespring Team_MTB Faget 2015

Sunday, on the 26th of April 2015, we have been recording another Superman-ish moment with our MTB Rider team at MTB Faget Marathon 2015, the greatest mountain bike contest in the region, ranked 2nd of its kind in Romania and 4th in Eastern Europe. Already known for its impressive riding routes, the MTB competition is an initiative of Clujul Pedalează sports association and it aims at promoting the passion for mountain biking, for outdoor activities and for spending our free time in a healthy way.  Codespring Superman MTB Rider team engaged in the short 26 km race with a well-motivated composition.

On that nice, warm Sunday morning, while the team barged to the START line, the atmosphere got more and more energetic. Over 1000 bikers emerged themselves in the cycling contest with a maximum elevation of 800 m, in Cluj-Napoca surroundings. Our Codespring MTB riders accepted the challenge and headed on the cross-country track. We congratulate them for their performance, determination and sportsmanship.

Intention. Focus. Perseverance.

Codespring_MTB_A startAt Codespring, we strongly believe that developing reliable software requires dedication and focus. Translating this in athletic terms, a high performance requires intention, focus and perseverance. Mountain biking is a discipline that challenges a person’s abilities to engage in the action, to control the body’s and the bike’s movements and to dose the energy across the track.

Engagement in a race or a series of races means commitment to a goal. In order to achieve it, self-discipline and perseverance run the show. It is all about dedication.

We believe that dedication uplifts completely the quality of your work and experience. Colleagues will appreciate you more and clients will find a real pleasure in taking into account your professional advice.

About Superman and Dedication

“The Superman from within” is a concept that Codespring has worked with in order to emphasize the potential lying in each individual. Software engineering challenges both thinking and will. During the software Codespring Superman Team _2015development process we start by planning, than continue with execution, testing and release. In order to deliver accurate code, a coordinated process must be in place. Running this process accordingly, is a matter of will over necessity. A highly skilled team recognizes the importance of training the mind and challenging the will. This is how we pierce through the realm of international competition.

In the end, we compliment once again Codespring MTB Riders Team and wish to see them back on the race tracks again!