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Codespring Superman Relay Team at Cluj International Marathon 2015


Sunday, 19.04.2015, Codespring “Superman” Team went on the relay race (42 km – 10.5 km x 4) at the Cluj International Marathon 2015. It is a regional running contest especially designed by the local sports association, Runners Club from Cluj-Napoca. The competition gathered about 3500 runners participating at 4 main races: marathon, semi marathon, relay and cross. Against all the odds, Codespring “Superman” Team managed to run the 42 km mixt relay race with joy and good fun, reaching the first third of the mixt teams list. 

The competition started at 9:45 and the chill weather helped us feel comfortable during our individual 10.5 km leg.  Our chosen strategy for the long distance relay also proved to be successful as the recorded speeds have shown it.  Taken as a whole, the team worked beautifully together and acted flawlessly during the race.

The Power of a Team

In essence, the power of a team consists in its capacity of generating higher results. The way the members of a team work and play together determines its success. When we set an objective, we have to consider the particular characteristics of each individual and the way we will combine them in order to reach it. With Codespring Superman Team we discovered new things about ourselves and we learn step by step how we can achieve better results.

Codespring “Superman” and the Idea of Constantly Upgrading Yourself

IMG_7790In order to build great strategic partnerships we consider that a constant upgrade of our knowledge in software development is the foundation of the entire relationship with the customer. In a funny way, we tried to emphasize the idea that each software developer has a Superman inside who shows up only when in action, when challenged and when confronting difficult situations that require sharp skills. Doing the extra miles and going beyond the perceived possibilities is sometimes necessary in order to build new software. Changing perspective can result into braking micro-paradigms that enable new approaches on solving a given engineering problem.

The Soul of an Athlete Can Change the Game

One of Codespring’s first values is to “be a long race runner”. Those who can engage themselves on the long run, those ones are to be most challenged and will be most satisfied when achieving the finish line. In this way, complex software and applications will have our mark.

There is this popular saying “The soul of an athlete can change the game”. While running in a short race or during a marathon, your body warns you when you are about to reach some critical points. At that certain moment the prepared mind takes over and starts controlling the body so that it can easily readjust to a new level. Athletes know by experience that the more you practice, the faster and the stronger you become. Having the stamina and mindset of an athlete shapes your professional and personal life in the direction of overall success and wellbeing.

Congratulations once again to Codespring Superman relay team and we hope to see them again on the running tracks!