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Codespring Supermen Did It Again!

Cluj Triathlon 2017 at Tarnița Lake, near Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, was another fantastic reunion of our Codespring Supermen. Congrats for the awesome race and the 3rd rank in the Male Triathlon Competition! Well done! As someone well known said it: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” In other words: always push your limits and try doing what others say cannot be done.

After 1500 m of swimming down the Tarnița Lake by Zoltán, 30 km mountain biking, with +690m altitude gain by Jaky and 9 km running by Zsolt, the team reached the top 3 finisher-teams.

Triathlons are quite demanding in terms of training and mental preparation. What is amazing about our colleagues is that they constantly beat their personal records and go positively through injuries.

Sport has been part of my life since early childhood. I was making high-performance alpine ski since the age of 6, and footbal since the age of 9. „ declares Zoltán Barta, Software Developer at Codespring. „Since I really got to practice many sports – alpine ski, footbal, bascketball, athletics, ice hockey, swimming, biking, tennis – the feeling of an outstanding performance motivates me. The idea of success varies a lot – from winning a contest or finishing a Half Ironman race.” – he continues. Even if he is currently injured and not all sports are suitable for him, Zoltán undertook the swimming stage of the race and he trained the entire relay team.

The cycling race was accomplished by Zsolt Jakab, who is a true passionate of MTB races. „I really enjoy endurance sports and MTB is my favorite. Ten years ago I started actively practicing mountain biking and currently I managed to reach the top 10 of the main amateur contests in my age range.” – states Jaky. „The trigger for me is that state of flow which you can achieve only during competitions. You „die” a few times and than you resurrect with new forces, new grit and new focus. That’s what I like.

The runnig race was undertaken by another dear colleague Zsolt Vadászi, who is already a great achiever of triathlons and marathons. […] More insghts from the race coming soon!

In the end, what we have to learn from this awesome team is that accidents and injuries are just a step forward to a new stage of life, of training and of mental readiness. A team has unseen superpowers only when put into action.

Let’s get back to work and enjoy the day! Congrats! ; )