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Codespring Team Crosses the Arctic Circle

In our software development company from Cluj-Napoca, there are always interesting professional opportunities. Regardless of the technologies and programming languages, we are working with, it is essential to also find joy in each project. Most software development companies in Cluj-Napoca, Romania tend to present only the business side of the activity, yet we must agree that the people side matters too!

Whether we go to a technology tradeshow, an IT conference, a tech seminar it is also important to create a good atmosphere for every colleague at our software development company. Cluj-Napoca is a nice place to live, work and grow but travelling is also a very good idea in the age of fast travels and easy access.  This time we tell about how Codespring team crossed the Arctic Circle!

Codespring Hammock Hanging Above the Arctic Circle

A well-documented trip has always its major miles stones! In this case the Arctic circle definitely had to be one. But why? Well, because the Arctic Circle marks the southernmost latitude where the sun can stay continuously below or above the horizon for 24 hours – phenomena known as the Midnight Sun during summer and Polar Night or Kaamos during winter.

Codespring people are outdoorsy and creative. The software development company from Cluj-Napoca encourages a healthy lifestyle and exploration.  Once we are in a new environment, we soon start to explore and map the possibilities. That is why we have produced the famous Codespring Hammock – a tool for nomad relaxation and meditation during hikes and travels.

As a statement of the stress-free work-life concept, the team who reached the Arctic Circle thought of hanging the blue hammock right above it!

Well done team!

Hang in a hammock. Get inspired!