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Codespring @Techsylvania 2014: In Tune With Innovation

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Three days of intense thinking, learning and sharing may best describe Techsylvania 2014. Codespring congratulates once again all attendants, organizers and partners for a successful international tech event in Cluj-Napoca.  A special focus deserve the teams involved in Techsylvania Hackathon, who proved once again that brain muscle is certainly an attribute that the software community from Cluj-Napoca may be proud of. Briefly, Codespring will continue to support initiatives aiming to foster innovation, research and development activities and technology developments.

The Wearables

Wearable technology was one of the main topics at Techsylvania 2014. Codespring has been involved in promoting the key trends about it during the pre-event meet-ups. The ideas that have been vehiculated about different options of using wearables were ingenious and catchy. Mobile technology, the internet of things, augmented reality and big data were covered and integrated in the various project ideas pitched at the hackathon. Since wearables and connected devices are a totally new and different ecosystem, we assume we will see the rise of disruptive applications in the upcoming months.

The Conference

photo 3The 2nd of June 2014 marked the Techsylvania event with a special conference hosting gifted speakers, seasoned business leaders and well-tried software experts. Let’s remember that the special venue – Cluj Arena (UEFA Elite Stadium) inspires a friendly and sporty atmosphere; consequently it also gave the tone to the Techsylvania conference.

A great importance during the conference was given to the success and failure stories of businesses and projects. Speaking openly about the real route to success was enlightening and well received by the audience. Sharing experiences and hearing different versions of business development realities is enriching and helps to consider one’s choices before making any of them. Due to the fantastic presence of Philipp Kandal (General Manager EU of Telenav / skobbler & Chairman Techsylvania) as a panel Tecshylvaniamoderator, the talks evolved naturally and kept on topic.

The Partners

Being at its 1st edition, Techsylvania was supported by a set of worthy partners: Garanti Bank, Telenav, Hola Media, Class IT, Laurentiu, Laurentiu & Associates, Learning Connexions, Twillio, Yopeso, Rondo, Withings, Codespring, Zen Cash, Fortech, Halcyonmobile, Arobs, Betfair and another set of valuable production, social and media partners.

Codespring as a software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca, acting on the global market, founds it important to support the development of the local ITC community, along with its exposure to the international community via creative tech events.


CJAccording to EUROSTAT report on the perception of quality of life in cities released in October 2013,  Cluj is first in the list of the most friendly cities in Europe towards foreigners.

Close enough to Belgrade, Budapest, Sofia, Kiev or Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca is a city with a strategic location in the East of Europe, which has been nominated as European Youth Capital for 2015. It is the 2nd city of Romania and the 1st software export hub of the country.

The ITC community from Cluj-Napoca is organized under the ClujIT Cluster, where Codespring is a founding member. More than 245 ITC companies form the local ITC ecosystem. Eleven universities deliver yearly a massive amount of young professionals; among these three elite universities from the country and the region have their foundations in Cluj-Napoca. Two of them, Babes-Bolyai Univeristy and The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca have elite ITC faculties, providing a growing pool of software and information technology specialists.

About Codespring

Codespring is a software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, providing exquisite services of software development, software outsourcing, software testing, IT Outsourcing, IT Security, customer assistance and mobile development.