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Codespring: The Superman Within

Codespringers are quite sporty! And let’s not forget: the Superman within has to shine through! The spring of 2017 found us in great shape! Runners, bikers, skiers, climbers and mountaineers – we were all out there, enjoying team spirit and trying to overpass our limits.

That’s how things are at Codespring: we not only fancy about coding, we also fancy about sports and the great outdoors! So, what happened?

Ski & Snowboard

Our little team of 60 software developers, testers and analysts has this nice thing in common: we enjoy all seasons and find pleasure in sports all year long. Naturally, the begeinning of the year started with ski sessions! Be it for pure fun or for the race, one could find Codespring members on the ski tracks and off-piste in the beautiful mountains of the Carpathians. Congrats guys for the nice figures and brave moves!



Getting fit comes easy with a few running sessions. Yes, we might have tried to put down some winter weight but also to build up some leg muscles for the upcoming spring 2017 races! In cooperation with our favorite running clubs in Cluj-Napoca, the team were constantly attending the cross, half-marathon and maratrhon races in the region! Hats off for all the k-s of 2017!



The cherry on top of the cake during warm season is going out for a mountain bike trail. You will find quite a hectic pack of riders at Codespring! Competitivity is a small word when thinking about the stakes of the MTB races from the first semester of 2017! Great results though: accept the applause and take a bow!



Rocks are out there to be climbed. From rookies to advanced climbers, spring appealed the climbing spirit on the beautiful rocks of Piatra Secuiului or the nearby Turda Gorges or Tureni Gorges. The main thing is to improve your ascent, enjoy the climb and feel happy when reching the top! Well done!



In a more complex combination of disciplines, some Codespring team members also practice high altitude mountaineering.  Practiced in small groups, this sport offers a lot of opportunities to learn and devlop during any ascent. Safety is one of the key issues in the capricious days of late spring and early summer. Respect for your attitude and results!



Water is essential for the body. Some enjoy it more than others! However, one should know that there is a swimmer pod at Codespring. Swimming happens mainly early in the morning or at the end of the day! A great inspiration for all of us here, are our triathlon colleagues! I have to mention once again that Codespring also has Iron Man Romania finishers. Feeling proud!


That’s about it for the 2017 Spring! Looking forward for the summer at Codespring!