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Codespring Trail Runners In Action Again

Healthy mind in healthy body – states the good old Latin saying. This weekend our Codespring sport team joined the trail running races at Făget Tour 2019.   Marathon, half marathon and 7 km cross were the chosen trail running races. Special Congrats to our active colleagues and hats off for the perseverence in the sports area!

Trail running is a lesson of self reliance

Since nobody can run for you, nor cross the finish line in your place, running and implicitly trail running is about owning your own power. All your results depends 100% on you. We consider this as an important aspect for the personal development. At Codespring we value a lot self reliance during each project work, based on the fact that team work relies on individually assumed and agreed deadlines and tasks.

Trail running is a lot about energy dosage

During a trail run, the runners usually have to get speed on flat portions, be cautious on downhill areas and set a perfect ascent rhythm while going uphill. The way in which each runners succeeds in managing its own energy resources transforms in the way he or she manages to distribute its work energy. At Codespring we have both speed runners and long-distance runners. This is a good mix, especially during long term projects.

Sport is about continuous improvement

This weekend was about running, next weekend may be about mountain biking, skiing, climbing or basketball. Continuous improvement – of the individual, of the team, of the strategy, of the game plan – is the keyword! At Codespring, we have been building an entire software development business on continuous improvement and we will continue doing so!

Sport is about performance

Another critical aspect both in sports and software development is performance. Providing better results, higher speed, better energy use, longer runs and reaching new goals – all these actions are part of our day to day life. In sports it is a mere reflection of what our team is capable of. Plus we have to note that we are best at programming, sport is just a hobby! : )

All about team work

Again, after a short debriefing after the races, we realized how important is who you are running with, what energy is exchanged, what is the motivation and what is the attitude during the run!  In our software development projects at Codespring, we meet the same ingredients: team vibes, team motivation, team attitude and energy level.

In the end, it matters to commit to whatever you are working on and results will be ready show up! Congrats Codespring team!