The time was here for a new team adventure in the mountains. Codespring company trip is already a cherished tradition and we could not miss it in 2022, neither! On Friday, September 14, the software development teams from our offices in Transylvania – Cluj-Napoca, Odorheiu Secuiesc and Târgu Mureș – headed towards the Eastern Carpathians, in Rodna Mountains.

“Codespring Transylvania: Our 2022 Trip in the Mountains” is a short article about our outdoor experience. Enjoy reading!

Highlights from Codespring Transylvania’s Team Trip

The road was long but the energy was high! We were thrilled to be together again and discover our new colleagues in an informal and friendly setting. Our outdoorsy spirit is simply contagious and soon, everyone was in tune with the freshness of the mountains. Looking back, we can say with an open heart that this company trip is truly something to remember!

Amazing hike on the elegant mountain ridge

Hiking is one of the best activities to spend quality time with your fellow colleagues. Following the route from the Alpina Blazna Resort up to Roșu Peak (2113 m) and Ineuț Peak (2222 m) we aimed to reach Ineu Peak (2278 m). The beautiful weather window made our hike simply magic. Spectacular clouds, comfortable temperature, fantastic autumn colors and an intriguing fog on the highest peak!  Some of us were speedy enough and made the entire hike and the rest of us indulged with the beauties appearing at each step of the route: colorful trees, rock formations, wild red berries, mushrooms, the view upon the valley and the mountain lakes.

The Brocken spectre

We also witnessed one of the most spectacular natural phenomena occuring on Earth: the Brocken spectre, also called anticorona, glory, Brocken bow, or mountain spectre! And we had it in the best possible way: with rainbow around the magnified shadow of the observer projected on the clouds. Naturally, a series of self-shadow portraits resulted from the experience!

Stories around the campfire

After the hike, the cozy meadow of the resort was simply perfect for a nice campfire. We gathered outside and told the stories of our day, of our week, of our year and in the end, of our lives! These are the well-known side effects of spending time around the fire with your hiking mates. Nevertheless, we are glad to have spent this time to better know each other and make some philosophy.

Fun quiz with fun prizes

Being a team oriented event, we have also immersed ourselves in the fun quiz prepared by our colleagues. The atmosphere in the mountain chalet was definitely inviting for it. A quick dive in the history of Codespring Transylvania and its team members was a fun thing to do!

About Life at Codespring, in Transylvania

Probably some of the most interesting aspects that one will learn about Codespring team is that we take seriously each person’s life at Codespring. Founded by a core programming team, back in 1998, the strong relationships among team members are entangled around the same values and principles: perseverance, commitment, dedication and adaptability. That is why, we consider of maximum importance to bring on board talents and personalities that go well together. Here, you will find the time to learn, to accelerate your career, but also to cultivate talent and develop on all aspects of life. This time the story was about a hike and a weekend together  – Codespring Transylvania: 2022 Trip in the Mountains, next time maybe it will be about a cultural event.

Thank you all for being part of Codespring Transylvania and if you are not yet in the team but you fancy working with us, give it a try and get in touch with us!