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Codespring Welcomes ARCHICAD – Under the Hood by GRAPHISOFT

Imagine a world where architecture CAD will run on your code…!

Grow your superpowers for  the next IoT, AR, VR, 3D graphics, 3D modelling, game engineering and more! December 6, 18:30 – Save the Date!

 Codespring launches the Mentoring Program for 2018 with a new track:  Modern C++ Training. In order to reveal the beauty of C++ we invite you all to ARCHICAD – Under the Hood, a nice meeting with Graphisoft, leading BIM software provider in the world! On December 6, 2017, we invite all students interested to grow their Modern C++ skills to find out more about our new topic, during the Bittologotók sessions. The venue: Babeș-Bolyai Univerity – room 5/I -in the University’s main building.


As some of you may know, GRAPHISOFT® was that one amazing team that ignited the BIM  revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD®, the industry first BIM (Building Information Modelling) software for architects.

As you will find out, GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with highly innovative solutions like the revolutionary BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, EcoDesigner STAR, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution and the BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.

Their mission is to Bring BIM (Building Information Modelling) into common practice for the design and realization of buildings by enabling model-based workflow integration through innovative IT solutions.


Codespring has been working with Graphisoft on architecture design, implementation, unit test, maintenance of various versions of ArchiCAD, Graphisoft’s flagship product. Our team has been working on the ArchiCAD engine, on developer support tools and on various add-ons (MEP Modeller for modeling of ductworks and plumbing).

UPCOMING: The Modern C++ Training

The goals of the Modern C++ Training are to provide for the interested students from Cluj-Napoca a nice opportunity to get proficient in modern C++ and to open the doors for a long-term collaboration with Codespring team.

Timeframe: The Modern C++ Training will be held during the 2nd semester in 2018.

What’s in it for YOU?

  1. Modern C++ is your superpower for the next developments on IoT, embedded systems, VR, AR, 3D graphics, 3D modelling, game engine, complex modelling and RT.
  2. C++ has been used for decades and it has its own advantages. As future software engineers and developers, we think that mastering modern C++ and Java are key to your professional growth.
  3. Coding is the essence of the newest technology advances. Should you be willing to become a master of coding, start with mastering the brick-and-mortar of it.
  4. Codespring is a friendly team who is known for quality mentorships and internships. Grab this special opportunity to enroll in the voyage of learning the essentials of C++ and grasping some professional astute.
  5. First steps in any career are crucial for your future success. Make those steps count.

Since the program capacity is limited, you are invited to ask all your questions during our open event on December the 6th, room 5/I, in the University’s main building and to send your CV at

Hurry up and boost your superpower!