We are happy to share with you all that Codespring was granted by the Governement with a Minimis Grant for development and modernization of small and medium – size companies based on the Governmental Order no. 1164/2007.

The main objective of this grant is to offer support for supplementary modernization of our company by acquiring multiple IT equipments, development tools & licences. The new investments will boost Codespring’s competitiveness and the development of the multi-modular informatic system which integrates the production processes of our Productis production control / inventory system.

This new equipments will contribute to the development of our new product-line by using these up to date technologies. Additionally, by shrinking the time allowed for development, our production-control and inventory system for the food-industry will gain superiority.

Our clients will directly benefit from this investment. Some features that ou will be glad to find are:

● data – storage possibility, redundance and permanent data back-up;

the elimination of disturbing external factors through redundance (reducing delays generated by random power-failures, possible data loss, so.)

24 hours / 7 days availability for our clients with high quality services.