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Codespring’s Review on MWC 2019

Codespring team and tech brand was present this year too at the leading mobile technology event – Mobile World Congress Bracelona 2019. Our presence was part of SOFTECH’s promotion arsenal, featuring mutiple services, mobile apps and solutions. The wealth of exhibitors and mobile solutions presented at this edition was impressive and it is difficult to name what stood out of the crowd!

What striked us at the MWC Barcelona 2019?

Visiting the MWC Barcelona grounds, we could observe again the presene of large mobile technology companies partnering with different industry players in order to offer a more applied version of the latest researches in software developmente, robotics, AI, connectivity.

Just to name a few major topics we can confidently note down the automated and self-driving concept cars, the self-driving aerovehicles, the hyperconnected emergency units, the real-time streaming of VR/AR shows, the new generation of processors or the wealth of small and medium size robots.

Mobile Gadgets and Wearbales at MWC Barcelona 2019

Comparing this year MWC show with its five years ago edition, we can definetely affirm that wearable technology was truelly adopted by users across the main tech savvy socities. It just popped up at this 2019 show, that a greater focus on aesthetics, comfort, user experience and seamless connectivity was at stake.

How was Romania represented at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019?

17 software & IT companies from Romania were present at the National Pavilion organized by ARIES-Timișoara with the support of the Ministry for Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship from Romania. The services and products present at Romania IT Pavilion covered application development services, mobile solutions, romanian mobile products, smart phones and mobile technologies.

It was a successful edition and we are definietely curious about the next one. For more information of our Cluj-Napoca software development and mobile development services please feel free to write us!