DevOps platforms, DevOps tools, DevOps software are actively promoted in large-scale organizations and teams. Not only across the IT world, but also here in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. What about smaller IT teams? When you are a small tech team – a start-up with a software application project, or a medium-sized company with a plan to develop a custom application for its market or simply an IT department called to deliver several applications for their company, the question arises where if DevOps are necessary and if they can bring a real advantage. Should you as a small development team or a small tech business embrace DevOps?

DevOps fit any size.

On one hand, in the digital era, all business stakeholders have acknowledged the importance of collaboration between development and operations staff throughout each stage of the development lifecycle. On the other hand, any IT application owner or software product manager knows the drill: plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate monitor and restart the cycle. Thus, whereas we speak about building applications or automating parts of the systems, DevOps are needed.  DevOps will be great for small teams and large teams for they will trigger speedy development and will push for more quality to be served to the market. Yes, DevOps fit any size.

How can small and medium tech businesses or IT Departments benefit of DevOps?

In business, it is always a matter of deciding what is best and when for the team you are working in. Software development teams have been guiding themselves according to well-known methodologies and principles. In the recent decade, as the Agile principles were fully embraced in the tech world, the rise of DevOps concept was rather imminent. At level of concept and philosophy, DevOps are still widely discussed. At level of actual platform and tools implementation, DevOps were easier to set in large teams and businesses. In practice, the analysts, the business owners and software innovators conclude these days, that DevOps can serve smaller teams very well in very distinct ways.

Here we count a list of DevOps benefits for the small and medium tech businesses or IT Departments

Cultivate a highly collaborative environment

One of the key drivers of DevOps is continuous collaboration. That is why, implementing DevOps in smaller companies and teams prepares the terrain for a good collaborative environment. Forget the old silo mentality and bring everyone together on the platform, on the project and on the feedback pipeline. When your team will handle easily communications and work collaboration as a small sized team, it will be easier to propagate these practices as the team grows and ads more professionals.

Deploy faster

A real market advantage in the ITC industry and not only is to be capable to deploy faster all innovations, newer versions and latest solutions. DevOps is designed to do that. With DevOps infrastructure, DevOps tools and automated processes, your specialized teams are literally deploying the system or software products at high speed. Another focal point to take into consideration is that DevOps also allow easy scalability. Consequently, you will be able to adjust to changing context anytime.

Set up for more security

With a DevOps mindset from the start, the team will tend to watch on security elements at each step. The automated tools available for code analysis, secret management, configuration management, vulnerability management, etc., will create the context for developing secure products easily.

Enhance your development speed

In order to be competitive, a small or medium size business must develop its software products and applications at the same pace or faster than its established competition. DevOps helps small teams gain speed across the entire application development life cycle, from analysis and planning, to production, market release and feedback collection for new features and better versions.

Automate processes

DevOps platforms and tools allow automating several design processes, part of testing operations, routine development elements, standard deployment procedures and the systems monitoring actions. These automations will translate into less workload for you already limited teams and will create room for creative tasks and project management.

Encourage innovation across teams

DevOps philosophy embraces constant collaboration among all type of teams and disciplines across the product or solution development. The current DevOps platforms and tools allow the onboarding of several types of professionals – from software development, IT, to research, sales and acquisitions. This is is ideal for small and medium sized teams, as it creates room for creativity, ideas, thus for innovation. What is more important in the digital era than innovating for better and more secure products and services?

In conclusion, any tech business can reap the benefits of DevOps.


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DevOps at Codespring

At Codespring we have embraced DevOps entirely for its transformational impact on the technology ecosystem and global businesses. Through DevOps tools and practices we have literally achieved a higher development velocity, we gave new meaning to the continuous delivery concept and we rejoiced together with our customers the gains of a faster time to market.

DevOps is now relevant more than everything else, because in the new millennium it is the time to transform the way we build and deliver software. For the modern businesses software is not something auxiliary or optional, software is entangled at each step with the value chain, from production operations, to logistics and communications. They interact with customers through software delivered as a service or as an app on a wide range of equipment and devices.


DevOps Fit Any Size is an article intended to explain the wider benefits and advantages of DevOps for small and medium tech teams.