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D!Sz Conference 2019

D!Sz – Digital Szeklar Land Conference 2019, 8th edition, took place in this autumn in Târgu Mureș ( Marosvásárhely (HU) / Neumarkt am Mieresch (DE)). The conference was rolled out across 4 days, featured 100 speakers and welcomed more than 500 guests. Codespring was a Gold Partner for the event and had the pleasure to own a few conference tracks and contribute to more topics.


As a special guest of the D!Sz 2019, Szélyes Levente – Codespring CEO contributed to two main open discussions.

  • Digital Tools for the Family was a discussion centered on the digital tools such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and computers, on the online services such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft family and others, how they can be used and what are the traps they bring along. A debate on how the screen time and video game time spend by families and kids affect our daily family routines. An alarm signal was sent concerning the amount and type of data that the digital world is taking hold of though our usage of digital tools.


  • IT Project Management – was an interesting discussion on how the technology development and and the least and least patient business world forces the classic project management to change. During the last decades the IT suppliers and companies have been pushing to perfect the Agile approach in order to determine big corporations to let go of the classic Waterfall model. In addition is was highlighted how AI is making its place in the industrial arena.

In  parallel, our collegue Ráduly Zalán – software developer was a contributor to the Artificial Intelligence research and development panel talk.

Congratulations for the organizers to have set up such a beautiful and useful conference format.

Codespring is proud to be a partner of this event, for it is unique and oriented towards the local Hungarian speaking companies from Transylvania.

The conference has a itinerant format, being organized each year in a different city. Therefore see you again in 2020, in Miercurea Ciuc ( Csikszereda, Szeklerburg) in Hargita county, Transylvania.