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FestivApp Application Development. Cluj.

CJApplication development, Cluj, festivals… in other words: the skill, the location and the why FestivApp was born. Codespring trainees’ team nailed it once again: they stepped in the next level of application development. Cluj is renowned for growing talented software engineers and fostering a private-public partnership climate, while Codespring has a well-established mentorship program in application development, Cluj based. As a result, FestivApp was launched in 2016 on the application development Cluj’s market and went national by Q4!

Custom Application Development: Cluj Raises The Bar in the Event Industry.

In the field of application development, Cluj IT community has certainly produced a few flagship products. Codespring constantly makes room for young developers to work together with experienced software engineers in order to master the brick-and-mortars of custom application development in Cluj. This time, the project team was triggered to solve the festival and conferences attendees’ and organizers’ biggest issues: time and information management. Thus, FestivApp addresses the event industry by providing the end-users with a single app for multiple events and the event organizers with a robust, intuitive event management tool.

The applicaton development Cluj team is handing forward a modern tool that is capable of handling multi-location cultural, sports and science events, both private and public. Cross-platform application development for Cluj and Romania’s audience was inherently set as FestivApp runs on Android and iOS.

Event End-User Oriented Application Development Cluj Approach

End-user oriented apps carry the crown within our application development Cluj team. FestivApp is a statement on the importance of allowing event participants to browse among music festivals, theatre festivals, science conferences or mass sports events. Features like marking the favorite programs, asking for navigation support, keeping up-to-date with latest news or program changes were integrated in order to make the end-user feel safe, decluttered and comfy while using FestivApp. The happier the end-user while using the app, the better the organizers can focus on delivering relevant content even in increasingly tight timeslots.

Event Professionals Oriented Application Development Cluj Taskforce

Event organizer professionals also need application development. Cluj being the scene for many highly quoted international music- and theatre festivals, scientific and youth conferences, event managers ask for dedicated mobile applications with features for connecting participants with newsfeed, last minute changes and details about ticket purchasing – on the same screen. The cherry on top of all these are the push messages: with these clever tools included in the app the organizers are closer to flawless backstage issues handling.

Codespring, a tech brand of Softech is growing his Application Development Cluj branch. Known for the high quality of software development for more than 18 years, the application development is intrinsically a main competence of the company.

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