hannover-messe_industrial-automationBetween the 25th and 29th of April 2016, Codespring team is joining the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology – Hannover Messe 2016.

All key technologies and core areas of industry – from research and development, industrial automation, IT, industrial supply, production technologies and services to energy and mobility technologies – can be found here. As it is said by the catchphrase of the fair: one can discover here the biggest trends and the smallest details.

Quick facts about Hannover Messe 2016

More than 5.000,00 exhibitors from 60 countries will deploy in front of more than 200.000,00 visitors. The main focus of the fair in 2016 will be on: industrial automation & IT, energy & environmental technologies, industrial supply, research & technology.

Having as 2016 lead theme the integrated industry-discovered solutions, Hannover Messe presents two main concepts:

  • The Factory of the Future
  • The Energy Systems of the Future

Should you be willing to secure the competitiveness with modern production technology or tu understand future energy systems and which technologies are required to build them, Hannover Messe is the right location to get in touch with suppliers, researchers and peer economic partners.

Hannover Messe Partner Country in 2016: U.S.A.

Every year a leading industrialized nation is selected as the Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE. In 2016 the event welcomes the world’s largest single economy. The US economy is superlative in the true sense: with a GDP of almost $ 17 trillion the USA accounts for more than one quarter of the entire world economy. The main reasons the US exhibits as partner country is the current focus on the re-industrialization via cutting edge production engineering, the ambitious environmental and energy goals that must be attained through intelligent technologies and the diverse opportunities for entrepreneurs and the work-force.

The Hannover Messe Line-Up 2016

Industrial Automation

The smart factory, virtual reality, the Internet of Things: Every sector and every field of modern industry is busy pondering the ramifications of these concepts. It is nothing less than the fourth industrial revolution and the digital integration of all industrial processes – from the concept to production to delivery to the customer. Experience the latest technologies and discuss the issues with key experts. Pick up new stimuli for creating your own, individual Industrie 4.0.

Digital Factory

Intelligent integration allows for the optimization of processes and the development of new products that conserve resources. Discover first-hand how market leaders from across the globe are helping shape the future with their new concepts and leading-edge production systems. The global players at HANNOVER MESSE include Siemens and Microsoft.


Smart grids, virtual power plants, renewable forms of energy: Discover new ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s power market at the world’s biggest energy trade fair. Come into contact with the leading industry experts and witness innovative technologies from across the globe. Technologies which your company can take advantage of to benefit fully from the new opportunities presented by the energy boom.

Industrial Supply

New materials and process technologies, more efficient lightweight construction and innovative components and systems: at HANNOVER MESSE, suppliers demonstrate their cutting-edge solutions. Come to the world’s largest industrial trade fair and discover innovative solutions for industrial supply chains while networking with top decision-makers from your sector.

Research and Technology

Research and development are the key pillars of the economy. From the smallest particles of nanotechnology to giant bionic robots that have adopted Nature as their role model, this wide spectrum is made possible by a variety of disciplines joining forces. This results in new opportunities and possibilities for all sectors. You’ll be inspired.

Representatives from all areas of science, industry and politics will be gathering at Research & Technology. Make the most of this unique combination and lay the foundations for future success. You’ll discover how to overcome the challenges of the energy turnaround, how to benefit from high-tech surfaces and how to use transport robots.