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Happy Easter!

Dear Partners and Friends, Codespring team welcomes you with our best wishes on the occasion of Easter Holidays!

As some of you may know, Romania gathers many ethnics, many religions and many traditions. In Transylvania, mostly, the Catholic and the Orthodox Church are both present. Therefore Easter is celebrated these days (31st of March – 1st of April) and in May (5th of May – 6th of May) too.

Some of the nicest traditions are built around Easter. The hand painted and waxed Easter eggs are some of the attractions of Romanian home craft. The sculpture on eggs is also a rare art. Next, we recall the aroma and taste of the home made Easter “Pasca” – a special sweet bread. The “Pasca” is usually served with delicious traditional smoked bacon, or lamb steak and red wine.

All the activities of preparing the Easter goodies and decorations bring together families and friends. Sunday morning, kids are challenged to find hidden eggs in the garden or to play a game – “tapping eggs on Easter day”. Children usually have a competition to see whose egg has the thickest crust and can tap and break all the other eggs. This is usually done with normal, colored eggs that can be eaten afterward.

On Easter Monday, young girls are sprayed with perfume by the boys. This way, they say girls will have good luck all year.

Hoping that we have managed to share some of the local Easter feel, enjoy the rest of the holiday and have a beautiful week!

Easter in Cluj, Transylvania