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iPhone users: No more coffee! Just Be Alert!

Codespring iPhone Apps Developers Team has plenty of funky ideas about what should you have “at hand” on your iPhone (naturally!). There has been a lot of complaint about the caffeine overdose when focusing on documentation, when studying late in the night or simply, suffering of a hangover.

What other alternative can we get? Amazingly, these guys came up with a smart answer: Be Alert – an application able to stimulate your attention and acuteness. Curious about it? Find out a short presentation below:

Be Alertthe iPhone buzzer that keeps you alert!

Be Alert is a decaffeinated method to stay alert and quick responsive. Let Jane or Willy keep up your vigilance. Perk up your ears and Be Alert does the rest:

  • Choose your character: Jane or Willy will be your vigilant companions.
  • Set the alarm time: choose warning to set the timeframe for Jane or Willy to alert you and set the timer to start the count-down until the first alarm.
  • You’ll have to tap the screen to acknowledge the warning, in sign that you’re alert, until the next recurring signal. If you fail to do so, the alarm will sound until it recaptures your attention and makes you turn it off.
  • You can personalize the sound and set the volume of the warning and alarm signals.
  • Choose the easy mode to switch off the warning by tapping anywhere on the screen or go for the hard mode to disable it only by touching the arrow.

Optimal time to test it: when you are tired, sleepy, bored… or just lacking attention.

Optimal place to test it: at home, in the study room, in your own office, in your car while you are waiting somebody’s arrival…. or outdoors when being on a real cart, watching for potential intruders…

Caution (!): do not use it when somebody is trying to sleep in the same room ! If so, please be polite and use headphones.

Just try it! Free version and full version are available on AppStore, in the “Utilities” category.

Be Alert is always on cart!