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iSpeedCam for Android is out!

iSpeedCam logoGood news for Android fans: iSpeedCam – the most advanced Speed Camera alert system is now available for Android too! iSpeedCam version 1.0.5 for Android is available both in free and full version and it is international. It handles various types of speed cameras, speed limits in metric and imperial unit systems, and a map feature using Google Maps enhanced with track recording, provided you have internet connection (!) and it issues various statistics about your routes. As most radar detectors draw your attention too late about speed camera systems, iSpeedCam might be your ultimate companion to avoid costly speed tickets.

iSpeed Cam screenshot 1iSpeed Cam screenshot 2iSpeed Cam screenshot 3You can enjoy driving and be warned about the fixed speed cameras, regular mobile speed cameras spots or red light cameras on your way. You can customize your speed camera database with a one-touch Add / Remove camera feature. Later on, you can backup and restore these cameras directly from your device. The application also allows you to import your personal POI files from the supporting web application (Currently it supports the Garmin, MapMonkey, MIO and IGO formats).

iSpeedCam also has a graphical GPS tracking feature and can keep your track statistics. Depending on yoir favorite unist system you may use metric or imperial units. As battery is important while travelling, you may also benefit of a battery power saving mode.

Free updates to the newest version are also available. You can also use your Facebook account to Like or Share the application.

Check iSpeedCam for Android at the following links:

iSpeedCam Free version  on Google Store:

iSpeedCam Free version  on Opera Mobile Store:

iSpeedCam Full version   on Opera Mobile Store:


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