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iSpeedCam: Ready To Travel?

iSpeedCam for iOS and Android_travel summer 2014Summer 2014 is almost here. Book your adventure and travel away! Start the iSpeedCam App, set your destination, choose your route and push the pedal! Whether you have an iOS or an Android based device, iSpeedCam is ready to be your savvy travel companion: it shows you recommended speed limits, it informs you where the traffic control teams are located or use to set their check points, it records your track history, it encourages you to be active in the iSpeedCam drivers community by inserting new cameras and traffic control spots in the data base and it brings you to the final destination without unnecessary speed tickets!

iSpeedCam for iOS and AndroidCompatibility

You can use iSpeedCam on various devices:

  • – Devices based on iOS such as: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; The application requires iOPS 5.0 or later;
  • – Devices based on Android such as Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Sony Experia, Motorola and many more.


Where can you find iSpeedCam?

You can download the application at the following links:


Google Play:

Opera Mobile Store:

What iSpeedCam versions can you have?

First, you can have a trial with the free iSpeedCam. Then, you can buy the full iSpeedCam latest world version.

As an extra option, the iOS version also has derivate regional versions: iSpeedCam Europe with its special country versions: iSpeedCam Germany, iSpeedCam France, iSpeedCam Italy and iSpeedCam Spain, iSpeed Cam USA, iSpeedCam Canada, iSpeedCam Asia, iSpeedCam, New Zealand and Australia.

Please note that from any regional version you can upgrade to the complete iSpeedCam application covering the world.

Find out more

In order to learn more about the app and its features, you are invited to access the dedicated website:

For technical support and other app related questions, you are welcome to write us at