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IT Cluj – The Hot Spot of Transylvania

Recently we have discovered that the “IT Cluj” expression is a symbol of the Romanian IT&C market. IT Cluj is the new offshoring star. IT Cluj is the new contender of the region’s software development and outsourcing centers. IT Cluj won its reputation due to the absolute numbers some may find here.

IT Cluj counts a total of 245 IT&C companies. While Romania’s IT&C market is dominated by the Telecom sector (53% of total volume), Cluj distributes its’ market shares between hardware production (30,5% of national volume, 1st rank/2008) and software development and IT services (6.3% of national volume, 3rd rank/2008).

IT Cluj / hardware production is represented by major companies such as Nokia (Romania). Thus, IT Cluj is ranked 1st in Romania and implcitely in Transylvania for hardware production.

IT Cluj / software & IT services is based on a total of av. 100 companies delivering custom software development, outsourcing and IT Services. Currently, IT Cluj is ranked 3rd in the software development and IT services sector in Romania. Therefore IT Cluj is ranked 1st in the software development and IT services sector in Transylvania.

IT Cluj is financed by both domestic and foreign investors. IT Cluj domestic capital holds av. 25% of the total market. The IT Cluj foreign capital is distributed among following countries: Germany (30%), UK (22%), USA (15%) and Netherlands (15%) are the major investors; following: Austria (5%), Finland (4%), France and Sweden (3% each), Denmark and Switzerland (2% each), ending with Australia (1%) and Italy (0,5%).

IT Cluj work force is formed within elite universities, each having an Information Technology and Computer Science Faculty: “Babes-Bolyai University” and “Cluj-Napoca Technical University”. Currently, + 5.000,00 software engineers are active on the IT Cluj work force market and a total of 600 graduates in IT&C are available each year.

IT Cluj profits are attractive for many investors willing to operate from this region. Recent data reveal profit margins between 10%  to 20% .