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IT DAYS 2018 in Cluj-Napoca

The 6th edition of IT DAYS the conference on innovation, programming and technologies organized by Today Software Magazine will take place in Cluj-Napoca, between 20 and 21 November at the Students Hall. More than 800 participants are expect to attend the talks provided by 50 speakers on 4 stages during 2 conference days.

Main Theme and Key Speakers

The main theme of this year is #BuildingTomorrow. The edition is also dedicated to the celebration of Romanian IT.

The four stages of the Students Hall will host local experts from Cluj-Napoca, but also special guests such as: Dermot Turing, the nephew of Alan Turing, the inventor of Artificial Intelligence; Mark Seemann, programmer and software architect passionate about functional programming and OOP; Peter Lawrey, who is present for the 5th time on IT Days stage and on of the top Java programmers in the world; Peter Leeson, who delivered last year one of the most appreciated talk at IT Days; Klevis Ramo, a passionate programmer specialized in Machine Learning and Java.

The main topics featured by IT DAYS 2018 in Cluj-Napoca are Products & Leadership, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Industry 4.0, Electronic Trading, Microservices, AR & VR, Testing Management, SAP, Agile, Research, Web 2.0 / 3.0, Startups, Security, Software Architecture, Programming, DevOps – a Hands on lab.

The Computer Exhibition

Cluj was one of the most important cybernetics development centers in Eastern Europe. The DACICC-1 and DACICC-200 computer machines made by the Institute of Computers from Cluj-Napoca under the guidance of acad. Tiberiu Popoviciu. [DACICC-1]( ) was the first Romanian computer with transistors and the first one with magnetic core memory. DACICC-200 was the first Romanian computer with operating system and compiler capable of hard-cabled arithmetic instructions. This model is the most performant computer machine made by Romanians before making computers under license.

In order to have a better perception on our pioneer history in the IT sector a small exhibition will be available at IT Days.

Today Software Magazine Awards

At the end of IT Days we will organize a small award ceremony for the best TSM articles. You can vote your favorite article.

Congrats to Ovidiu Mățan – Founder Today Software Magazine and IT Days conference who manages to surprise the audience each time.