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Little Thoughts on 2011 TDC 2nd Edition

Today, on Monday, the 17th of 2011, our HR team will start selecting and classifying all the résumés collected during the latest TDC (Târgul de Cariere) event, held on the 13th and the 14th of  October 2011. On the occasion, we officially thank all the guests who visited our stand and were more than just curious about Codespring and the opportunities we have been preparing for you. We praise again Rețeaua TdC Ltd. and its Partners for making the fair such a large scale event. With the support of the European Social Fund POSDRU 2007-2013, the organizers strive to build an environment where employers can meet directly the available work force.

“On the job” Experience is Highly Valued

One of the first impressions after meeting a large number of candidates and future professionals is that IT&C students are now actively looking to build “on the job” experiences. The idea of getting specialized in a certain area as soon as possible is shaping among students’ thinking. Finding a temporary or project based job during their studies offers them the opportunity to practice what they learn or to learn things that they cannot access otherwise. Secondly, a job will provide the student with the unique experience of being part of a working team and of living the corporate culture. Last, but not least, a job during your university years will provide the chance to financially support oneself and to learn the ABC of your future work life.

Recruitment and Selection in The IT&C World

Many visitors asked us about the way IT&C specialists are being recruited and selected. Codespring has its own standards and requirements, and each IT&C company will have their own rules. However, keep in mind that no matter how good or bad your résumé may look like, it is important that you are sincere and authentic when you write or meet us. Think about your work ethics and attitude, about where you see yourself in the future and about what you are ready to do in order to achieve your goals. Choose your priorities and decide whether you are looking after a company’s image or after the company’s spirit. We know that during your professional and personal life cycles, priorities DO change and one should always reconsider its position if needed. Be open and communicate your expectations.

Codespring’s Autumn Career Basket

Just because you were not able to come and visit our stand, does not mean that we are not curious to find about you! J No argue that those who managed to do it have won an incontestable advantage and they surely did a big step forward by approaching us. In order to be fair-play, there is still the chance to apply online on our TDC profile or directly to our HR team, by sending your application to having as e-mail subject the name of position you are applying for:

  1. Junior .Net / C# developer
  2. SQA – software tester
  3. Junior software developer (Java / C#.Net / C, C++)
  4. Junior Smartphone Application Developer
  5. QA – tester (German speaking)

Further Proceedings

In the next couple of weeks, our HR team will decide the short list candidates. You may receive a phone call and/or an email informing you about the next steps. If you know you have applied for one of the aforementioned positions, keep an eye on your phone and/or check your email in due time.

If you bluntly do not qualify for any opening, but you really feel like willing to be part of Codespring team, feel free to send your intention via email to our HR department and apply for the next coming internship. It is the best way to get in the Codespring’s atmosphere and get noticed by our talent seekers.

“Thank You!” Note

Assuming the risk of redundancy, we thank everybody – organizers, candidates, students, partners and simple friends – for visiting us at TDC. Your input is priceless and we hope that your choices will provide the context to make some nice projects together.