Codespring is attending the Economic Mission in Germany launched by ARIES for the upcoming month. German IT&C professionals will have the opportunity to take a glimpse of what Romanian software development industry has to bring to the table.

Locations:  Stuttgart, Bonn, Aachen

Information and Communication Technology continues to play a major role in defining and influencing business processes and everyday lives and opens up new possibilities for growth in about every industry branch.  Therefore, Codespring, a Cluj-Napoca based, Romanian software development company is eager to present you available competences and know-how in the field.

Come and meet us, in person, between the 6th and 11th of June in Germany, where we will undertake the Economic Mission including following destinations: Stuttgart, Bonn and Aachen. The aim of the business trip is to present Romanian Software services via pre-scheduled personal meetings. The mission was launched by ARIES – the Romanian Association for Software and Electronics Industry and sponsored by the Ministry for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Trade and Business.

According to the three-day business agenda, fifteen companies will represent the Romanian software industry in Germany where they will meet their counterparts from the Frauenhofer Institute for Manufacturing, Engineering and Automation and Aachen Chamber for Industry and Commerce.

The scheduled Economic Mission is an outstanding business exchange platform where the Romanian and German software industry representatives can share their strategies to follow up on technical challenges the software industry faces in our century and talk about the research projects they are currently being engaged in. Moreover, it is an interactive matchmaking session where you can meet software development service providers and choose partners for your outsourcing projects.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!