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“ Between  15 – 19 February 2010 our colleagues from the Quality Management department participated at a Mentoring training held at Hajduszoboszlo –  Hungary, with topics about Organizational Development, Management and experience changing. The training was organised by ConsAct Consulting and was aimed to help the collaboration of hungarian and romanian specialists from the middle and top management.

The courses / workshops had valuable information content and enjoying situational (role) games.
On the first day our colleagues have learnt about TQM (Total Quality Management) which consisted of monitoring and achieving companys strategy via Balanced Scorecard and Business process reengineering.

The next day was about improving teamwork efficiency, knowing the psychology of team formation,
team roles and key factors in succeeding or failing team colaboration.

On the third and fourth day our colleagues have learned about conflict management and managerial motivation.  Both themes were built around lot of inspiring situational games and conclusions / discussions after.

L. T., our iSpeedCam Product Manager  would like to share two inspiring thoughts about the conflict management:

–          The first is about the conflicts based on profound differences in values between parties. These conflicts are useful to identify, because the classic conflict resolution strategies like win-win agreements and assertivenes typically fail in their case. Values usually can’t be negociated or changed simply by reason. Once this type of conflict has been identified, probably the best goal is to understand and respect each other’s viewpoint.

–          The second thought is the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, designed to assess an
individual’s behavior in conflict situations.
Besides  learning, Hajduszoboszlo also offered a beautiful place for recreation and relaxing.
The medicinal spa and the water-park covers a 30 hectare area and even wintertime it offers a pleasant environment with many indoor and open-air thermal water pools. The evenings were focused on social activities or visiting traditional hungarian restaurants and locals full of atmosphere.

So – thanks again for the Consact for the very good organization of the event, and for my company  Codespring who made possible my participation.“


iSpeedCam Product Manager