The Codespring Mentoring Program has expanded its training offer: we are launching a stand-alone training module in Târgu Mureş to deepen the .NET 6.0 open source framework knowledge and learn about it directly in practice. Graduate students of the Târgu Mureş Faculty of Sapientia University (3rd year computer science and 4th year computer science) are welcome to apply for the training, starting at in April 29. The graduates of the workshop will have the opportunity to join the software development team of Codespring, one of the largest software development companies in Transylvania, Romania!

Within this training, mentors will present study-cases including the latest elements of the .NET Core framework in a hybrid manner, online and on-line, while the students will learn how to create performant applications that run reliably across different Cloud systems.

At the end of the training module, the graduate students will receive an official graduation Certificate, which contributes significantly to the foundation of their professional career. The training starts on April 29th and will last for 4 weeks.

What will you learn during the .NET 6.0 training in Târgu Mureș:

  • Setting a development environment, description of development tools: Visual Studio Code extensions, Git, GitLab / Azure, Devops
  • OOP elements and .NET features
  • Data management with EF
  • Lambda and LINQ basics
  • Asynchronous programming using .NET
  • Essentials abou .Net Web Api
  • An introduction to the world of controllers, actions and models
  • Swagger IDL
  • Case Study Using Angular, .NET Web Service, Web Server, Cloud

If all the above made you curious, you are a Sapientia University student in Târgu-Mureș, have a good level of Hungarian and English, you are welcome to sign-up to the training here.