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New release: Company Papers / January 2012

This week we are happy to welcome you with the 6th edition of our Company Papers publication! A powerful message for entering 2012 and fresh new market report on the local IT & Software offshoring preceed articles about IPTV , about SFAs and computer simulations. Have a glimpse at the dedicated foreword and access the indicated link to read the entire edition.

The Place to Upgrade Yourself

Codespring is about People.

Since our first operating year we strived to create an environment where everyone could reach his or her potential. Over the decades, we realized that in order to become a reliable professional and an expert we must always embrace and master change. Thus, everyone will have the conditions for upgrading his/her skills and set of knowledge. At that point, Codespring became the place to upgrade yourself.

In such context, Codespring Company Papers is considered a tool for enlarging our perspective and allowing us to reflect on the industry’s upcoming developments. Q1/2012 edition points out how IT&Software offshoring revolution is likely to consolidate Romania’s position on the world’s 2012 global IT&C map. A new approach on offshoring is on the rise and we are there to implement it. Next, we put the spotlight on the digital video and IPTV solutions, an area in which Codespring has a great deal of experience. The focus section dedicated the 6th edition of our publication to the Salesforce star product and the thinking point tapped the computer simulations ingenious world.

Embrace the change in 2012 and upgrade yourself!

source: Company Papers, January 2012, edition no. 6