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New release: iSpeed Cam 2.0

iSpeedCam users can now enjoy the newest features that Codespring development team has prepared for them. The greatest thing is that you can now customize your database by easily uploading your own POI list. Next, the Google map integration has been fine-tuned and a lot of user-oriented aspects have been through major improvements

What’s new?

  1. Introducing iSpeedCam Customizable POI Import Web Interface. Now you can import your own POI list without any headaches or 3rd party tools assistance.
  2. Factory Database Update. More precise, detailed and accurate World-Wide POI database.
  3. Multi-tasking Improvements. No more annoying sounds while running in background. You can enable (default) or disable the multi-tasking capabilities of your application.
  4. Editable Camera Range. You can manage the camera range within to delete your cameras.
  5. More User Friendly Graphical User Interface. User experience never got better.
  6. Major Bug Fixes. Performance Improvements. Importing POIs gets easier and faster.

iSpeedCam is the most advanced Traffic Enforcement Camera warning system for the iPhone world. It handles different type of traffic cameras, metric and imperial speed limits, has fully editable speed camera database, map feature with track recorder, statistics and GoogleMap integration provided you have Internet connection. As most laser radar detectors draw your attention too late to photo enforcement systems, iSpeedCam might be your ultimate companion to avoid speed tickets.

The Codespring solution was launched in 2009 to protect drivers from costly speeding tickets and to improve careless and inattentive driving habits. The application offers to be your copilot, producing audible and visual warnings each time you approach a speed camera while driving your car. The display indicates the permitted speed limit, your actual speed and the distance between your car and the registering camera. You can simply sit back and enjoy driving your way with iSpeedCam.

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