We continue the tradition of Codespring Open Days event as one of the best times to interact with our teams and learn more about us. The official date is the 10th of May and the location is our new Cluj-Napoca headquarters on 29, Frunzisului street.

Students of the Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics from Babes-Bolyai University & Faculty of Automation and Computer Science from the Polytechnic University Cluj – Napoca will be welcomed by our team. The schedule includes: projects presentations, meetings with our Management team and interesting workshops.  Of course, access to our leisure & pleasure facilities will be also part of the visit.

This year we will draw your attention on the reasons for which Codespring is the place to upgrade yourself. We will present your Career Diagram at Codespring and various professional paths for young professionals.

As during the previous editions, we expect you to come with interesting questions and ideas. Remember that we are flexible and willing to share our experience with our future colleagues. ;)

Book Codespring Open Days 2012 on your calendar, now!

We are waiting you with fresh info and interesting opportunities.

Codespring team.