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17-18 May 2010: Codespring OPEN DAYS

Codespring invites students attending Babes – Bolyai University (Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics) and Technical University (Faculty of Automation and Computer Science & Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology) to participate on the 17th and 18th May, at 14 PM at our “Codespring Open Days” 4th Edition

Our doors are open so that You get a glimpse of our company and its’ running projects !

The event aims to provide students an inside snapshot of our daily activities, but is also an opportunity to learn and have fun ! :-)

Part of the program:

–   First: our project managers will present  you our running software development projects

–   Afterwards,  we will make you a tour of our headquarters & infrastructure

–   … following an interactive technical game (quiz) which will put students to the test; the players reaching the highest scores will be awarded a prize.

–   Finally, we will close the day with a table soccer championship between students and Codespring staff members.

We are certain that our 4th „Codespring Open Days” will once again be labelled a success by both participants and organizers.

Indulge your curiosity and have a  look…!