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Opening of the Innovation Alliance Center “Danubius Design” in LVI

Innovation Alliance Center Danubius Design im LVI

On March 31, in Stuttgart, the National Association of Baden- Württemberg eV (LVI – Landes Verband der Industrie) opened along with his partner, the International Institute for Integral Innovation (4i) , in the presence of Peter Friedrich , Minister for Federal , European and International Affairs and within an agreement with the Romanian Trade Council Office  the “Innovation Alliance Center Danubius Design” in LVI . The Romanian participation of IT companies was facilitated by ARIES (The Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software).

The economic cooperation between Baden-Württemberg and Romania is already now fruit. The Innovation Alliance Center Danubius design should help to link the markets between Baden -Württemberg and Romania even better, “said Minister Friedrich . “Both large companies and especially small and medium sized businesses from the partner countries will benefit of the new collaborations ” he added.

The International Alliance Center, which is also part of the program of the Joint Government Commission Baden- Württemberg and Romania, will initially offer a platform to facilitate business collaborations , joint projects and further networking of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Romanian companies. It is also planned to expand the group of participating institutions to entrepreneurs from other Danube countries after successful completion of the pilot phase. It worth mentioning countries like Serbia and Slovakia, with whom 4i maintains contact through collaboration agreements with universities and other well established contacts. For this purpose, LVI and 4i launched an office where Romanian companies may access regularly access the necessary framework to get in touch with other Baden-Württemberg or company.

The opening ceremony was coupled to the first visit of Romanian companies from the IT sector. Codespring, Pentalog, Infobest and Romsound held brief company presentations and initiated a dialogue with the interested parties from Baden- Württemberg.  All parties have exchanged views on possible fields of cooperation.

We were glad to get in touch with fellow companies from Baden- Württemberg, mainly Stuttgart, as the region is renowned for its technological capabilities. It was a first step towards potential cooperation and partnerships” declared Codespring CEO, Mr. Levente Szeleyes.

According to Mr. Alexandru Borcea – President of ARIES (The Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software), “ …the main goal of the Economic Mission in Stuttgart was to establish a contact point between Romanian companies members of ARIES and German companies from  Baden-Württemberg land (region).”

It was a successful launch of our Innovation Alliance Center, which will be gradually extended to other sectors such as aerospace, environmental and energy technology ” concluded LVI CEO, Mr. Wolfgang Wolf.


About LVI (Landesverband der Baden-Wurttenbergischen Industrie e.V.)

The LVI is the umbrella organization of the industry and industry-related services in Baden-Württemberg. It has only voluntary members – currently about 120 companies and 36 trade associations.

The LVI represents the interests of its members in politics, administration and the public. He is the national association of the BDI.


About ARIES (The Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software)

ARIES is the Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software. With over 250 members, it aims at representing the interests of the field both in Romania and abroad.


About Codespring

Codespring is a software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Codespring provides exquisite services of software development,software outsourcing,software testing, IT Outsourcing, IT Security, customer assistance and mobile development.