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Quirky Fridays @Codespring

One of the friendliest software development teams in Cluj-Napoca is also one of the quirkiest in town! Having the boldness to be different is an attitude that Codespring definitely shows off. As we all know, quirky people are amazing and have excellent personalities. Moreover, quirky minds literally generate great ideas and produce unexpected results. Undoubtfully our HR team is also a master of quirkiness.

Therefore, we decided to enhance this feature of any Codespring team member and unleash the Quirky Fridays! As a group exercise, we dress up in strange colors, choose intentional messages, wear strange clothes and incept the good vibes. As one can observe, these are mere variables of playful minds. Aren’t we all hidden Supermen after all?


Yes, we are. And… didn’t Superman enjoy rooftop view? Yes he did. So do us. That is why you’ll find these quirky gathering on our building’s rooftop.


Just to remind that, when you hop in at Codespring in Cluj-Napoca you should bravely ask for the special Codespring Superman coffee mug series. Just like the fortune cookies, these quirky mugs carry deep messages. Curious about them? Ask for a coffee!


Getting back to serious business: Codespring encourages healthy thinking, self-criticism, healthy fun and holding your position. The philosophy behind is that when people feel good their potential comes to surface.

Therefore, DO make your office life an enjoyable one and DO strive for meaningful environments.

Follow Codespring team’s quirky moments and join the team!