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School in a Different Way 2018 at Codespring

Cluj-Napoca is already renown for its young demographics and for its intellectual capital effervescence in the last decades. At Codespring we like to think that education played a huge role in this phenomenon, that is why we are permanently concerned about the next gen’s preoccupations and brainy activities. School in a Different Way 2018 at Codespring took place on the 26th and 28th of March at our Cluj-Napoca headquarters.

Students from the local Báthory Highschool, mathematics and informatics study line had the chance to take a tour of our company and interact with our colleagues.

The agenda covered essential aspects that made it easier for teenagers to understand how does a software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca work and what are their career possibilities in the field.

In short, each group was delivered a company presentation in a friendly manner by our COO – Mr. Walter Brem followed by a look towards the future of local IT and IT careers delivered by our CTO – dr. László Barabás.

Thanks to our great HR team, the students of terminal years in highschool were also captivated in teambuilding games with the aim of highlighting team cooperation and team communication.

Right after this fun programme, the actual software projects and department tours started. With high curiosity and interest,  as a characteristic of their age, the students had the chance to ask questions about the ongoing projects at Codespring. A short incursion in the world of programming for IoT, professional streaming, color management and calibration, artificial intelligence and many more is just about to redefine their career expectations.

Last but not least, the session on life after work is an essential part of our School in a Different Way at Codespring. For a heatlthy lifestyle and a proper balance in life, we consider equally important to explain to the young generation the importance of cultivating personal hobbies, family activities and sport after the hours spent on the professional agenda.

As the final point of each activity day, we invited our young guests to freely interact with Codespring team members and join us for a larger family style lunch.

Special thanks to the coordinators of the groups from Báthory Highschool Cluj-Napoca and for all those who offered some of their precious time to make School in a Different Way at Codespring programme a little bit more interesting and fun.

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