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TDC Jobfair 2011 / Codespring Review

As previously announced, Codespring attended once again the TDC (Targul de Cariere / “The Careers Fair “) Cluj-Napoca Edition 2011, 19-20 may. The two days spent at the fair gave us the chance to host many guests and visitors interested in our jobs and internships, on one hand and to meet our peers from the local IT community, on the other. The event proved to be a success in terms of corporate presence and candidate’s attendance. We praise Rețeaua TdC ltd and its Partners for making the fair such a large scale event. With the support of European Social Fund POSDRU 2007-2013, the organizers strive to build an environment where employers can meet directly the available work force.

Codespring is thanking all our guests and visitors for their positive approach. Our fan network is growing year by year and this is only due to our team and the public involved in common projects with the company.

Based on our discussion with fresh graduates, students and researchers, the main topic is how to do your best for getting a job at a job fair.  No matter how nonconformist or avant-gardist may one company and its management seem, a few things are to be taken into consideration:

1. What is a career / job fair?

Career/job fairs are a cost effective way for someone seeking work to connect with many different employers in one day and in one location; and for employers to meet lots of people seeking employment. These events provide opportunities to network and interview on-the-spot, one employer after another.

Keep in mind: Within three minutes an employer is able to determine if you meet their qualifications to fill an available job, and if you will fit in their team.

Also remember that a first impression is a lasting impression – make it the best you can.

2. How to prepare yourself for a career / job fair?

Before the fair:
• Update your résumé, make it great!

• Put time into building your confidence and professionalism by mock interviewing with friends, etc.
• Analyze your skills and abilities, and prepare and practice a brief 1-minute “elevator speech” to sell yourself. Remember, each employer you talk with may be your next connection to a job.
• Learn which employers are planning to come and research their companies on the Internet.
• Use the Internet to complete job applications for employers scheduled to be at the fair; then either submit them right away or print them and bring copies with you to the fair to share with the employers.

At the fair:
• Pick up business cards of all employers you talk with so you can follow-up with them later. Make notes on the back of the cards about really good connections to a possible future position with that company.
• Dress to impress, smile, be enthusiastic, maintain your composure, and shake hands confidently.

After the fair:
• Follow-up a week later and contact those employees you had sent your résumé to.

This being said, feel free to ask for more information and to send your online applications at the following link: