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The 5th Season of Codespring Mentoring Program

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj and the Farkas Gyula College invited Codespring team to present the Mentoring Program to its students.

Around one hundred students in the first and second college year attended the event.

Walter Brém –COO, pointed out the milestones of the company and mentioned some of the global trends in the information technology industry. PhD Károly Simon, the manager of the mentoring project talked about the impressive results the mentored students have been achieving in their academic and professional career. He also mentioned several software solutions released as a result of this program.

Zoltán Szabó and Roland Nagy, master level students in informatics talked about their own experience with the Mentoring Program. In the end, Bálint Kelemen, Program Coordinator presented the ongoing projects and detailed the application procedure for the interested students.

As the acquisition of young and talented colleagues for our team is always a priority, Codespring embraces the Mentoring Program and contributes with the infrastructure and the professional environment. The program is meant to raise awareness on the role and importance of hands-on IT training to complete the theoretical knowledge base of the students.

Overmore, the program provides appropriate professional framework and consultancy for students writing their B.Sc. thesis and facilitates the transit from the academic world to the field of professional work. The mentor program ensures immediate professional advantage for graduate students and can be a good kick-off for a career in software programming.