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Today Software Magazine 21st Edition

Today Software Magazine cover_n21_enOn the 19th of March 2014, Today Software Magazine – founded and ran by mr. Ovidiu Mățan – has invited Codespring to the launch of its 21st printed and online edition. The event is part of an already traditional series aiming at strengthening the IT community from Cluj-Napoca. This time the official host was Betfair Cluj-Napoca headquarters, where editors, contributors and audience reunited for sharing ideas and presenting the main topics covered by this number of Today Software Magazine.

Today Software Magazine provides space for sharing professional knowledge, discussing programming topics and learning about management techniques in software companies. It also tries to highlight the latest technology trends and innovations.

As mr. Ovidiu Mățan states in the foreword, “Number 21 of Today Software Magazine has Project Management as a general theme”. He underlines the importance of considering two career options within any company: that of developing the managerial skills of a technical expert and that of developing the technical skills of a gifted manager.

The articles Our Fight Against the Debt, PM in Agile, Agility Before Agile, Phases and Processes in Project Structure are essentially dedicated to the lead theme: project management. From the technical side the following articles are to be mentioned: Tick Tock on Beanstalkd Message Queues, Back to the Future: http 2.0, Java Script Logging Library for Developers, The Virtual Hip Hop Machine, Autoencoders.

Codespring featured a special article based on our recent experience at MWC 2014 – The Mobile World Congress from Barcelona. Having a relevant title MWC 2014: Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets and Smartwatches the article may be read in english at the following link:,_Tablets,_Phablets_and_Smartwatches_811

You may also read the entire edition of Today Software Magzine in English.

On the occasion we thank you TSM for the opportunity and hope to be able to contribute with more interesting topics for the future.