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Women in Software: A Special Talk

AM_small 2_kIn March we celebrate women at Codespring. A subject more and more debated in the recent years is the presence and evolution of women in software. How do women perform as software engineers? Why do they choose this profession? How do they see their careers in software development? – These are questions that crossed our mind when approaching the subject.

In order to find some answers, we have discussed with one of Codespring’s ladies – Ms. Anikó Mátis, Software Engineer and Team Leader. Her answers encourage women with passion and inclination for programming to follow their path in software development.

1/ Why did you choose this profession?

At the time, when I chose to become a software engineer, it was one of the most attractive career paths. For someone in love with mathematical sciences and computing, this was – and it still is (!) – a perfect match. Programming was still a new discipline at the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca and the future opportunities seemed diverse.

2/ What seems challenging in the job?

As a team leader and a direct contact point with our customers, one of the most challenging aspects in the job is communication. Some intrinsic difference between services provider and customer is natural. The challenge is to eliminate distance, language and cultural barriers. For that communication is key. I always must veil upon avoiding distortion or loss of information between the two teams. The customer’s constant feedback reassures me and the team that I did provide a genuine view upon the project.

3/ What do you love / like best in what you do?

It totally thrills me when I have clear and visible results. Being a software engineer puts your mind at work and you incessantly grow your technical expertise. In my case, it is also a gratification the constant evolution of my own soft skills and the personal development along the process.

4/ How do you find working with people (team members, project members, customers)?

I think that working with people essentially changes your thinking style. Mostly pleasant, it is yet a difficult part of the job. Working side by side is the foundation of the team. The clear roles definition and taking responsibility for one’s own work strengthens it and makes room for friendship among team members. On the other hand, I must outline the fact that the interactions between the two teams (provider and customer) has refined over the years; we can say that the cooperation is harmonized and it is simply nice to have a fluent communication and mutual trust; this lowers the duration of verifications, increases productivity and thus turns the overall project management into an effective operation.

5/ How do you spend your free time?

Without divulging too much, I should say that I try to live a balanced life. In my opinion, the professional and the personal side of life must complete and not compete one another. When you love what you do, it is easy to set your way of doing things in a healthy and effective manner.

6/ How is life at Codespring?

Life at Codespring is bliss. I’ve been working here for 9 years and I love my work, my team. I am growing my expertise on specific solutions and it is rewarding to master a specific set of skills. The people here are really nice; the management is open-minded. One of the best things is the flexible schedule – it allows me to organize my own time and tailor it according to the priorities. In the end, what matters is that feeling that the people are being cared for and even if the company is growing we are acting like a big family.