[Latest update: The position has been filled] 

English teacher job available at Codespring │ Softech, the +25 years old software development award-winning team from Transylvania. 

We are a strong community of software development professionals delivering full software development lifecycle for leading global tech companies and business organizations. The wealthiness of professional roles and the company culture is centered on providing you with a healthy work-life balance and the chance to own your career. 

About the English teacher role in our Cluj Office:

We are looking for a part time English teacher (approx. 20 working hours per week) to help our colleagues improve their language skills. The English classes are held face-to-face in small groups covering all the language levels from beginner to advanced.     

Main responsibilities:

  • Establish clear learning objectives and prepare language course materials and activities accordingly 
  • Use various teaching methods and materials to engage students and enhance their reading, writing, and speaking skills  
  • Assess student progress through regular quizzes, tests, and assignments 
  • Provide constructive feedback to students to help them improve their language skills 
  • Create a positive learning environment that promotes active participation, critical thinking, and creativity 
  • Record and maintain student attendance and progress reports  

Requirements and skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in English 
  • Previous experience as an English teacher, especially in teaching adults 
  • Knowledge of various teaching methods 
  • Patient and flexible personality 
  • Ability to plan, organize, and deliver effective lessons that meet the needs of diverse learners 
  • Strong time-management and communication skills 
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative as needed 

Your Life at Codespring Matters

We value your work-life balance a lot; therefore, the company offers diverse possibilities to fine tune your professional and personal life:  

  • The working hours are flexible  
  • The justified overtime is rewarded accordingly  
  • The holidays are respected  
  • Unexpected situations and events are handled with a human touch  

Your health and well-being is a top priority since we are in the brain-powered business sector. At Codespring you will enjoy:  

  • Private medical insurance package  
  • Team sports  

Your lifelong learning is the key to the team’s continuous development. At Codespring │ Softech you will have the chance to attend:  

  • Specialized trainings as per your needs  
  • Professional courses and seminars  
  • Soft skills trainings provided by our certified trainers  
  • English classes  

Codespring is a growing community who gets stronger through work and common interests-based relationships. That is why we support:  

  • Project team logouts  
  • Team buildings  
  • Company days  
  • Family oriented events  
  • Sport events participation  

Your family is important that is why we support our colleagues with specific family-oriented programs:  

  • Newborn welcome bonus and gift  
  • Annual school start pack for each kid  
  • Christmas gifts for children  
  • Family reward with the occasion of your round anniversaries at Codespring │ Softech  
  • Family events (parties, trips, gatherings)  

We consider that your personality and intellectual background are highly valuable for building an ever-stronger software development community at Codespring │ Softech. That is why we are open to meeting you and customizing your career plan with us. All you have to do is to get in touch with us via job@codespring.ro