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Love Coding? Join the 2014 Mentoring Program!

Superman CodespringIf you are studying programming and want to build a real hands-on experience, you might just be the right candidate for a Mentee position at Codespring. The mentoring program has already a great history in our organization with many success stories. In 2014 we continue preparing future software engineers with the following thoughts in our mind: when you DO CODING, DO it with PASSION and do it with STYLE.

Are you a Mentee material?

This is a good question to ask yourself before applying to a mentoring program. To be involved in a mentoring relationship is a privilege for both participants, and as a result it is important to be gracious and thoughtful towards each other. If you can check most of the following traits, you probably will and should be here:

  • You are eager to learn
  • You can and you want to be a team player
  • You have patience
  • You love taking risks
  • You can keep a positive attitude

 What does the Mentoring Program include?

At Codespring, we strive to prepare IT graduates for technical excellence. This is achievable only by offering them the proper exposure: real tasks, technical trainings, job-like environment, and objective feedback.

The mentoring program includes a series of activities meant to embrace diversity and to be a cross-generational workplace. One of the key aspects when learning to code is how to provide high quality work. For that professional guidance and active participation in the learning process are being foreseen.

The mentoring program ensures immediate professional advantage for graduate students and can be a good kick in starting a career in software programming.

You can join one of the following activities:

  • Summer internships;
  • Common projects;
  • Professional supervision of BSc and MSc dissertations.
  • Preparatory courses for 1st year IT&C students;
  • Training sessions for IT&C students Practical workshops for IT&C students

Meeting the Next Generation

In order to find out more about the program coordinated by Mr. Károly SIMON, Ph. D a series of meetings are being organized during the university year at UBB. One of these meetings was the March meeting and the pre-selection held in the previous month.

The practical Java trainings will be structured in the following:

  • Java Fundamentals (Java 1): entry level Java training dedicated for 1st year students;
  • Java Technologies (Java 2): junior level Java training dedicated for 2nd year students;
  • Java Enterprise Development Platforms and Frameworks (Java 3): advanced level Java training;

The common projects will be formed from the teams selected for the trainings and will be guided by project managers inside the company.

The selection for the summer internships will start today and will end in May 2014. The main themes for this year are:

  • Java-based distributed system development
  • Smartphone apps (Android, iOS)
  • Robot control
  • .Net applications

 For more details you are welcome to access the following pages or simply write us on