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Partnering with Elite Universities from Cluj-Napoca

Since its’ foundation, Codespring team has been actively involved in the development of the new generation of programmers straight form their college years. As with our Mentoring program, we have systematically cooperated with specialized departments of the two major Universities in Cluj-Napoca: Babeș-Bolyai University and the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca.

For an ITC company having a clear vision, the Information Technology, Automation and Computer Science, Telecommunications and Electronics departments from these universities should be treated as strategic partners. The future brain muscles are being trained here and if you are to be on the market in the next decades, it is a must to nearshore the academic activities.

Codespring’s Involvement with Local Universities:

If you are a student and would like to become a software engineer or be involved in the software development process, Codespring offers several interesting activities:

  • Summer internships
  • Professional supervision of BSc and MSc dissertations.
  • Preparatory courses for 1st year ICT students;
  • Training sessions for ICT students
  • Practical workshops for ICT students

The information on student’s activities and projects may be followed at our Career section:

The Main Universities Fostering ITC Professionals in Cluj-Napoca

On must note that Cluj-Napoca is a growing academic center (with more than 100.000 students), hosting 11 universities. For the ITC field, we are directly interested in the faculties and departments that are involved in this sector, and we also encourage other specializations that can take advantage of the ITC’s benefits to approach ITC companies.

Just to have an idea of the size of our two main partner universities we made a brief for each one.

Babeș-Bolyai University (acronym: UBB)

Founded: 1959 (with historical roots dated back in 1581)

  • 21 faculties
  • 54 research institutes
  • 2 linguistic centers
  • 21 cultural centers
  • 12 extensions
  • 7 sports and leisure centers
  • 6 museums
  • 41 libraries
  • 41.000 students

Technical University from Cluj-Napoca (acronym: UTCN)

Founded: 1950

  • 12 faculties
  • 4 extensions
  • 1 library with subsidiaries
  • 1 sports center
  • 22.000 students

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