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Codespring Days 2016: Un-Plugged

Codespring, the small and friendly team of software engineers and tech savvy people from Transylvania, Romania, has this nice habit of celebrating team spirit by the annual “families and friends” event. No worries! – we are not a weird cult (!) it is just our way of staying in touch with the people that are always unconditionally cheer-leading for us! This year, we went un-plugged in the beautiful Arieșeni area.


Codespring at the IEEE 14th International SISY 2016

Congratulations to our great team who made it again in the final program of the IEEE 14th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics (SISY 2016), held in August 29-31, in Subotica, Serbia. As reported by our colleague Kelemen F. Bálint, both projects have been accepted in the conference. FestivApp and Legendarium are the applications that our mentees and mentors have been developing within the Codespring Mentorship programme. (more…)