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2017 Cluj IT Market Report: Challenging Mid-Term Development

One out of eleven people from Cluj is currently working in the IT sector and Cluj employs 13.8% of the total IT workforce in Romania – reveals the Cluj IT market report, released on the 8th of December in Cluj-Napoca, by ARIES Transilvania (the local office of the Romanian Association for Electronics and Software Industry). 1235 companies from Cluj have participated to the market research and a selected number of entrepreneurs have been interviewed. Cluj Napoca has won over the years the title of software development and R&D hub of Romania, holding the 2nd position in the national rank of IT business turnovers.


Codespring Welcomes ARCHICAD – Under the Hood by GRAPHISOFT

Imagine a world where architecture CAD will run on your code…!

Grow your superpowers for  the next IoT, AR, VR, 3D graphics, 3D modelling, game engineering and more! December 6, 18:30 – Save the Date!

 Codespring launches the Mentoring Program for 2018 with a new track:  Modern C++ Training. In order to reveal the beauty of C++ we invite you all to ARCHICAD – Under the Hood, a nice meeting with Graphisoft, leading BIM software provider in the world! On December 6, 2017, we invite all students interested to grow their Modern C++ skills to find out more about our new topic, during the Bittologotók sessions. The venue: Babeș-Bolyai Univerity – room 5/I -in the University’s main building.